New Zealand Locations Guide

Short guides of what I liked and did not like about the many New Zealand locations that I visited. I said short guides so don't expect insider's tips and local's advices, just my honest opinion on each place that I visted in this amazing country. For thorough guides on almost every New Zealand areas, towns, national parks and much much more, go check out Backpackerguide.NZ

SI South Island

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Dunedin - South Island

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There’s a real contrast to this city compared to other New Zealand cities in terms of architecture. You can’t leave Dunedin without getting a photo of the impressive train station or having a nosy around the university campus. As a university city, you can expect some bars with decent-priced drinks. Most of which are in The Octagon part of town. After having a look around the city, I had to go to the Otago Peninsula! This place is a Mecca for wildlife, like seals, sea lions, albatross, yellow-eyes penguins and little blue penguins.