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Short guides of what I liked and did not like about the many New Zealand locations that I visited. I said short guides so don't expect insider's tips and local's advices, just my honest opinion on each place that I visted in this amazing country. For thorough guides on almost every New Zealand areas, towns, national parks and much much more, go check out Backpackerguide.NZ

SI South Island

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Franz Josef

Franz Josef - South Island

Franz Josef Glacier heli hike Fox Glacier heli hike Alex Knob hike Chester Lookout hike
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This area holds two of the most accessible glaciers in the country, the Franz Josef and Fox glaciers. Franz Josef is the busier one, but both glaciers offer similar activities. You can take a helicopter onto the glacier itself and walk on and in the ice exploring its cracks and crevasses. Of course, as with anywhere in New Zealand, there are always hiking options. You can walk to some awesome vantage points of the glaciers to get some great photos. Take the Alex Knob track to get the best view of Franz Josef Glacier, or the Chalet Lookout Track for the view of Fox Glacier.