Travel Resources

Meet all those little things that made my trip.

Along my trip through New Zealand I used a lot of what I call “Travel Resources”. It can be everyday items, websites or books... things that I interacted with regularly or not and that helped me during my trip. It is a bit of a free for all, if I think of something, I’ll put it here.

The goal is to give you my take on each of them and give you an unusually insight on a working holiday visa experience in New Zealand. You of course will not need to use all those or may use different ones but knowing what you will encounter may be helpful.

Those random things


It will take you a good 10 minutes to connect to any WiFi in the country; most of your busses will be late or arrive at destination late, and everybody you want to travel with will wait the last minute to decide on anything.

Patience will make your trip much more pleasurable, learn to go with the flow, relax and let things come at you. If you show any sign of stress or frustration, people will react strongly to it and nothing will get done. I learnt that the hard way.

If something does not happen straight way, it will happen at some point, no need to pressure people over it, Kiwis are relaxed nad focused on their lifestyle rather than productivity.